LEED Gold Certified

Project Highlights

Price Products Used:  Underfloor

Location:  Kansas City, Missouri

Project Type:  Commercial, New Construction

Project Cost:  $22 Million

Year Completed:  2009

Square Footage:  204,227 ft2

Architect:  BNIM/360 Architects

Mechanical Engineer:  Lankford Associates

Mechanical Contractor:  Barnes & Dodge

Price Representative:  Jorban Riscoe Associates

JE Dunn Construction Headquarters

Price Underfloor System used in first LEED Gold certified corporate headquarters in Kansas City

JE Dunn is one of the largest general building contractors in the United States and a leader in sustainable design. As a reflection of their commitment to sustainability, JE Dunn set aggressive LEED targets for their new world headquarters office building, located on the eastern edge of downtown Kansas City.

As the first anchor in the city’s East Village Development, this project plays a key role in Kansas City’s revitalization plan. The 6-story pre-cast concrete building is surrounded by a community park, strengthening its connection to the outdoors, and the interior of the building is well thought out with flexible and open work spaces, a fitness center and a fullservice cafeteria.

With this use of space in mind, the design team selected a Price Underfloor Air Distribution System (UFAD), supplied by Jorban Riscoe Associates. UFAD is ideal for evolving spaces, and contributed to the building’s remarkably low energy usage of only 2 watts per square foot.

The Challenge: Gold Standard for Energy Efficiency

JE Dunn saw an opportunity to showcase its abilities to the community by building a headquarters that would demonstrate environmentally responsible design, and illustrate the construction company’s expertise in delivering high performance solutions.

In order to create the perfect "model" of a high performing office space, the company needed an air distribution system that would help achieve LEED Gold status through superior energy efficiency while also offering maximum flexibility.

Finally, the highly variable climate of Kansas City, along with the building’s exterior being primarily glass, meant that both heating and cooling needed to be incorporated into the HVAC system.

Price Solution: UFAD Contributes to LEED Gold

The desire for a highly flexible, energy efficient workspace led to the implementation of a raised access floor and Price Underfloor Air Distribution System (UFAD) system. JE Dunn has worked on numerous UFAD projects and wanted to take advantage of its distinct energy saving and flexibility benefits. Using underfloor air distribution also allows JE Dunn to use their Headquarters as a live demonstration of the advantages offered by a raised floor and UFAD system.

Price Round Floor Turbulent Flow Diffusers (RFTD) provide cooling throughout the interior of the space, while linear floor grilles with heating (LFG-H) are installed around the building perimeter. The LFG-H units have a changeover capability that allows for both hydronic cooling and electric heat.

In cooling mode, UFAD systems offer the energy saving benefits of thermal stratification, meaning that there is a temperature gradient in the UFAD zone, with higher temperatures toward the ceiling and lower temperatures toward the floor.

UFAD only thermally conditions the occupied zone – the first six feet of space in a room. This thermal stratification is a significant contributor to the reduced HVAC energy consumption. Additionally, stratification improves indoor air quality as contaminants are moved out of the breathing area as the warm air rises, and then removed via high level returns.

Environmental stewardship spanned all areas of the building and included sustainable features such as the integrated raised access floor, a stormwater capture and reuse system, low VOC emitting materials, and highperformance glazing. This improved energy efficiency, along with the individual comfort control offered by Price’s face-adjustable UFAD diffusers and improved indoor air quality inherent of a stratified system all contributed to JE Dunn successfully achieving its LEED Gold target at an energy usage of only 2 watts per square foot.

Design Team Profile

Lankford + Associates

Lankford + Associates' design experts deliver strong project solutions with a high standard of client involvement. They synthesize the goals of architect, owner and engineer through exceptional personal service and communication. This keeps them a step ahead of any development, and always ready to respond to project concerns.


As early pioneers in the arena of sustainable design, BNIM continues to shape the national and global agenda for progressive planning, responsible architecture and design excellence. Established in 1970, the firm has emerged nationally as a leading resource for established methodologies, innovative technologies and cutting-edge research in architecture, planning, landscape and workplace design. Their process is deeply rooted in the concept of integration, where clients and collaborators work together to create buildings and spaces that embrace the Triple Bottom Line—a balance of people, planet and prosperity.

360 Architecutre

360 Architecture believes the opportunity for innovation exists within the context of each project – an opportunity they realize through their architecture and interior expertise. They listen attentively, solve pragmatically and design creatively, fulfilling expectations in delightful and unexpected ways. Their goal is always to inspire their people, partners, clients and community through design and a passion for excellence.

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