Project Highlights

Location: Tyne and Wear, UK

Project Type:  New Education

Year Completed:  2009

Features:  Consultancy, Atrium, Classrooms

Engineer:  Parsons Brinckerhoff

Architect:  Devereux Architects

Price Partner:  Breathing Buildings

Monkseaton High School

Schools present designers and developers with particularly challenging ventilation and noise attenuation issues. This is a highly specialised field in which the expertise of Price, and it’s international partner Breathing Buildings, are widely recognised. Parsons Brinckerhoff, one of the world’s leading planning, engineering, and construction management firms, partnered with Breathing Buildings to develop a natural ventilation solution for the Monkseaton High School.

Monkseaton School

Monkseaton School is a four-storey building with a central atrium that houses the sports hall, two gymnasiums, dining area, school hall and Information Technology offices. Most of the classrooms are linked to the central atrium.
The challenges were to:

  • Effectively and efficiently ventilate the school
  • Meet BB101, UK summertime overheating criteria
  • Deliver fr esh air and quiet so students can concentrate, meeting UK acoustics standar d BB93
  • Ensure minimal energy consumption

Design Team Profile

Shaun Fitzgerald of Breathing Buildings says: “We take a very team-based approach. On this project we worked with Parsons Brinckerhoff and the school for three years, from the initial design and development work, coordinating with the contractor, commissioning the units and finally sharing the success the school has had with numerous awards. The system is working well and continues to be closely monitored on-site and remotely".

Price Solution

The goal was to offer a holistic ventilation and acoustic attenuation solution. This was made possible from the considerable consultancy experience and sectorleading knowledge of Price and Price’s partner Breathing Buildings. The initial task of finding the optimum ventilation solution involved in-depth flow modelling, and laboratory analogue techniques, to explor e the various air flow characteristics within the proposed building. At this stage it became clear that a ventilation solution that met the BB101 summertime overheating criteria was also likely to result in the school having fewer than 40 hours a year above 28 degrees Celsius and thereby qualify the building for an additional BREEAM point (a UK measurement rating for gr een buildings). To take into account the large glazed areas in the roof and façade, a relatively large ventilation ar ea (45 square metres of free area) was suggested, allowing for successful implementation of the large areas. By partnering with Parsons Brinckerhoff from the initial design phase, the completion of the mathematical and laboratory analogue water bath modelling resulted in a specification which they added right into their drawings.

“The quality of air, and the improvement in the environment in a building with exceptional air and light quality has set new standards for schools. Our students, staff, parents and visitors all comment on the refreshing change from the institutional air they have always experienced in public buildings.”
-Paul Kelley, Monkseaton Head Teacher

In addition to the 22 classrooms linked to the atrium using the NVA units, bespoke units were designed and supplied for those rooms with limited access to perimeter walls. S-1500 NVS units were used in the roof to help the building ventilate.

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