McPherson Middle School & South Main Elementary Kitchen Facilities


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Project Highlights

Price Products Used:

  • Price DR90 ¼ Round Displacement Diffusers

Project Type:  
New Construction (McPherson Middle School)
Additions and Renovations (South Main Elementary )

Year Completed:  2010

Kitchen Square Footage:  1100 - 1500

Price Representative:  Air Control Products

McPherson Middle School & South Main Elementary Kitchen Facilities

The Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village Schools district finished the construction of a new facility, McPherson Middle School, and completed additions and renovations to an existing facility, South Main Elementary, in 2010. Both schools chose to install Price displacement ventilation in their state of the art kitchen facilities for the improved indoor air quality and occupant comfort that these systems provide.

The Challenge: Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

The project design firm, Fanning Howey, was given the challenge of designing cooking and serving environments that provided high indoor air quality and a high level of comfort for occupants. Typical mixed air distribution systems can short circuit the supply airflow directly through kitchen exhaust hoods without comforting the personnel in the space, or without giving the supply air an opportunity to reach the occupied zone. The project called for an alternative solution to traditional mixing systems with any improvements to energy efficiency viewed as an additional bonus.

Design Team Profile

Fanning Howey

Fanning Howey is a full service architectural, engineering and planning firm that seeks to strengthen connections within communities by creating vibrant places that reflect a sense of shared vision and purpose, including schools, college and university buildings, libraries, religious facilities, and recreation centers.


Displacement ventilation, using DR90 diffusers from Price, was the ideal solution to provide improved indoor air quality and comfort in the cooking and serving areas of both schools.

Displacement ventilation injects low velocity air that is drawn at a low level towards heat sources. Once it reaches the heat source, the air fresh air rises up due to thermal plumes before being exhausted from a high level return.

Displacement provided the ability to locate the diffusers near the floor, ensuring that clean fresh air would be delivered to staff before being exhausted through the kitchen fume hoods. This strategy meant that the risks of system “short circuiting” common to mixing systems could be avoided.

The DR90 diffusers were positioned as far from the kitchen hoods as feasible, typically in the corners of the rooms. This helped ensure a superior airflow pattern as the air would be drawn towards heat sources such as the exhaust hoods.

Another advantage of displacement ventilation in commercial kitchens is that the airflow pattern makes it extremely effective at drawing away kitchen odors, and contaminants are not recirculated in the space.

Price supplied stainless steel displacement diffusers that would meet regional health regulations, which mandated surfaces in a cooking areas lower than 3’ must be stainless steel. The DR90 floor mounted diffusers used on the project were also slightly raised with a small kick plate to ensure water would not enter the face of the diffuser during kitchen cleaning and maintenance.

The mechanical engineer worked closely with the kitchen consultants during the design stages, to ensure that appliances were placed in an appropriate manner that would not inhibit airflow.

Beyond meeting the challenges of providing superior indoor air quality and comfort to kitchen personnel on both projects, displacement ventilation provided improved energy efficiency relative to an overhead system, reducing total airflow, and allowing both facilities to use 100% outside air on the project – further improving air quality and occupant comfort.

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