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Project Highlights

Price Products Used:
DF1W Floor Mounted Displacement Diffusers

Project Type:  New Facility

Project Cost:  $4.7 Million

Year Completed:  2010

Square Footage:  17,000

Price Representative:  Mechanical Technologies

Beth Am Shalom

Beth Am Shalom, a Reform Jewish Congregation, was established in July 2007 by the merger of Temple Beth Am in Lakewood and Temple Beth Shalom in Toms River, NJ, 60 miles south of New York City. The merging of these two congregations initiated the construction of a new Synagogue, which included a larger Sanctuary/Banquet Hall to accommodate the growing membership.

Spiezle Architectural Group Inc. created a contemporary, flexible and adaptive solution, incorporating day lighting in the dual Sanctuary / Banquet Hall that featured 25 ft to 35 ft ceilings. This design created unique challenges from an air distribution perspective, and it became evident that the conditioning needs of the space could not be satisfied by traditional mixing ventilation.

Displacement ventilation turned out to be the ideal air distribution strategy, as it reduced energy consumption and enhanced comfort while allowing the architect to retain full design flexibility in the space.

The Challenge: Energy Efficiency and Mechanical Flexibility

The unique design of the sanctuary presented two major challenges for the engineering design team at KSI Consulting Engineers with respect to air distribution.

First, the high ceilings threatened to waste energy and the architectural design team wanted a solution that would cool only the occupied zone and not the 20 ft of additional space. Achieving energy savings in air distribution was absolutely essential.

In addition, the “star of David inspired” footprint in the sanctuary featured numerous floor-ceiling windows around the perimeter of the ceiling / roof line, limiting the ability to run ductwork to the ceiling and essentially ruling out the option of providing traditional mixing ventilation from the ceiling.

Design Team Profile

KSI Consulting Engineers, LLC

KSI Consulting Engineers, LLC was established in 2006 to provide Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering design services to both private and public sector clients. Their clients include architects, developers, builders, contractors, members of the general public, cities, counties and other municipal entities.

The design team boasts over 30 years of combined individual experience and has been working as a team for six years to become a cohesive unit, allowing the design process to flow easily.

KSI is dedicated to providing quality in the constructed project. This philosophy demands professional service, responsibility to client needs, timeliness, efficiency and pride of workmanship.

Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc.

Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service regional architectural and planning firm with 56 years of proven, client responsive design experience. Utilizing the progressive resources of their highly experienced and accredited staff, the firm is known for creativity, financially responsible problem solving, and personalized service.

The firm’s dedication to the principles of sustainable design is illustrated by more than 20 LEED™-Accredited Professionals. With their vast experience in sustainable design, feasibility studies, renovations, additions, and new construction, the firm is truly qualified to satisfy the design needs of various business sectors including religious, academic, municipal, commercial, and senior/health care.

Price Solution

Displacement ventilation was a natural selection for the Sanctuary / Banquet Hall; the reduced energy consumption and mechanical flexibility it offers addressed the design challenges of the space while allowing to the architect to retain full design flexibility.

Displacement was vital to reducing the energy consumption of the Sanctuary / Banquet Hall. Since displacement only conditions the occupied zone, energy was not wasted cooling the 20 ft of empty space towards the ceiling with return air captured at the ceiling level. In addition, displacement uses a warmer supply air temperature than mixing ventilation (55 to 65°F), resulting in further energy savings. These benefits, combined with energy recovery technology, allowed the engineers to downsize the mechanical equipment that services the space, contributing to energy savings of 21% for the whole building.

Displacement ventilation diffusers enabled the use of low wall diffusers, overcoming the challenge of limited space to route ductwork to the ceiling. while also allowing the architect to install custom grilles over the face of the diffuser. The diffusers were factory finished in black, and are almost indiscernible behind the custom grilles that allow them to integrate seamlessly into the space.

In addition to the energy savings and flexibility displacement ventilation provides, the reduced noise levels and increased thermal comfort associated with the technology made it a natural selection for the engineers at KSI.

Price Industries provided customized displacement diffusers for the project, but equally as important, they provided the application guidance and education required for the design team to familiarize themselves with the technology selection.

Upon first glance, it appeared displacement ventilation was going to bring the project over budget, but the engineers and building owners considered the long-term energy and equipment savings the technology produced and realized it was in fact the less costly option. These energy savings were the primary motivator for selecting displacement ventilation, with the indoor air quality, reduced noise levels, and improved thermal comfort providing additional benefit.

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