Project Highlights

Price Products Used:
ACB2 2-Way Active Beams

Project Type:  Existing Facility

Year Completed:  2009

Square Footage:  5,600

Price Representative:  R.L. Craig Company, Inc. and Colby Equipment

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center - Pharmacy Renovation

In 2008 Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center in Jasper, Indiana was named one of the nation’s Top 100 Hospitals® by Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of business intelligence. This award recognizes the positive clinical outcomes and operational efficiency of the Regional Health Center as it strives to provide Dubois, Indiana and surrounding counties with the highest possible level of healthcare.

This level of excellence is also reflected in facility planning and construction. In 2009, Memorial Hospital was faced with the challenge of renovating an existing, 5,600 sq. ft. pharmacy with the goal of creating a safe, comfortable environment while reducing energy consumption and operating costs. This would be the first phase of a two part project that included the renovation of 10,500 sq. ft. of patient floors directly above the pharmacy. By utilizing active beams on the project, the design team was able to overcome challenges inherent to the existing space and create an environment that met the key design objectives.

The Challenge: Reduce Energy Consumption and Ductwork Requirements

The Memorial Hospital Pharmacy design team faced two key challenges: reducing energy consumption (and subsequently operating costs) and selecting a system with reduced ductwork requirements that could work within the extremely limited plenum space available—the pharmacy itself sits under several patient floors with restricted floor to floor heights.

The facilities team at Memorial Hospital wanted to improve on the all-air system that was already in place, therefore they were open to new ideas, but they also had concerns about the moderate levels of humidity that are experienced during the Indiana summer due to heavy rainfall.

The design team also needed to be cognizant of regulatory requirements relating to mechanical systems in compounding pharmacies.

Design Team Profile

BSA Lifestructures

BSA Lifestructures is a multi-disciplinary design firm that offers its clients a broad spectrum of services, including architectural and mechanical design. The name “BSA Lifestructures” reflects the company’s focus on creating environments for “healing, learning and discovery.” With a goal of “creating inspired solutions that improve lives,” the organization has offices in Indianapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis, Missouri, and is one of the largest full service architecture and engineering firms in the Midwest.

Price Solution

Active beams from Price were the ideal solution for this project. Water is several times more efficient than air at transporting thermal energy, and by selecting a hydronic solution such as beams, the engineer was able to increase the energy efficiency of the system by reducing the size of the air handler and ductwork required to service the space. This was a more efficient alternative to the all-air system that had been implemented several years earlier.

The use of smaller piping in active beam systems also addressed the challenge of extremely low floor-to-floor heights and restricted plenum space by eliminating the need for large ductwork.

Humidity was not an issue in the space, as this was easily controlled through the primary air handler, ensuring that only air with the desired moisture level would be delivered to the space. Moisture sensors were also incorporated into the Price Active Beams.

Mechanical systems in a compounding pharmacy typically need to meet the requirements of USP 797 and ISO 14644. As the pharmacy at Memorial Hospital used glove boxes to complete the compounding process, HEPA filtration was not a requirement. However, a room within the pharmacy was set aside for future compounding use, therefore it was designed with HEPA filtered fan powered terminals to meet industry regulations.

The active beam system has been running for over a year and is described as “shockingly comfortable” by the team, who is considering utilizing active beams in other areas of the hospital that are planned for renovation.

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