Radiant Systems Literature

Radiant Panels & Chilled Sails Architectural Portfolio

The Radiant Panels & Chilled Sails Architectural Portfolio is intended to showcase the custom design and architectural integration capabilities of Price Panels & Sails products to architects.

Representative Project List – Radiant Panels and Chilled Sails

A representative list of projects across various geographical territories, organized by application type.

USGBC LEED Program Brochure for Sustainable Building Design

This brochure explains the dynamics of the United States Green Building Council's guideline for sustainable building design.

Radiant Panels and Chilled Sails Brochure

The Radiant Panels and Chilled Sails Brochure covers the wide range of Price products available for Radiant Panels and Chilled Sails as well as the resources and support Price offers related to Radiant Panels and Chilled Sails. This brochure is designed for engineers and architects.

Sustainable Building Case Study Library

A collection of case studies of Price sustainable products.

Room Air Stratification in Combined Chilled Ceiling and Displacement Ventilation Systems

Radiant chilled ceilings (CC) with displacement ventilation (DV) represent a promising integrated system design that combines the energy efficiency of both sub-systems with the opportunity for improved ventilation performance resulting from the thermally stratified environment of DV systems. The purpose of this study was to conduct laboratory experiments for a typical U.S. interior zone office to investigate how room air stratification is affected by the ratio of cooling load removed by a chilled ceiling to the total cooling load, #, for two different chilled ceiling configurations.

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