UFAD & Mechanical Flexibility

UFAD and raised flooring has been used for decades in computer rooms due to the flexibility they provide. The same benefits are captured with use in office spaces and call centers. Today’s work place typically has an abundance of cubicles and a proclivity for change. There is a cost associated with these changes, including modifications to HVAC, cubicles and furniture to accommodate these office renovations. HVAC changes with an overhead system are time-consuming and costly, as ductwork must be moved and work done over the ceiling.

The International Facilities Management Association estimates that, in 2002, the average cost of an employee move in a government setting is $1,340. UFAD systems can cut this cost in half.

With a UFAD system, there is little or no ductwork to move, and changes are made simply by unscrewing and moving the floor tile and diffuser to another location and screwing it in, which can be done by building maintenance personnel quickly and easily. The ability for data and power cabling to be located in the floor further adds to the cost savings associated with churn.

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