Displacement Ventilation & Thermal Comfort

Displacement ventilation systems provide a very high level of thermal comfort. The air supplied to the room is warmer and introduced at a lower velocity than a typical mixing system, reducing the risk of drafts and discomfort.

ASHRAE comfort standards state that the draft risk must be low enough such that there are less than 20% percent of people dissatisfied in a room. The Price Displacement Room Designer software tool can help you account for diffuser placement and room stratification to ensure that ASHRAE standards are met.

Displacement ventilation is a stratified system, and as such, controlling stratification in the occupied zone is critical to maintaining occupant comfort. DV systems are designed to ensure that supply temperatures are within 10°F (6°C) of the room temperature. ASHRAE Standard 55 further requires that the temperature difference between the head and foot level not exceed 5.4°F [3°C] for a standing person and 3.6°F [2°C] for a seated person.

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