Displacement Ventilation in Large Public Spaces

DV is ideal in spaces that have large, open areas, high ceilings, and variable occupancy (e.g. casinos, airports, theatres, libraries, and places of worship). Since displacement systems only condition the occupied zone, significant energy savings can be realized. In casinos, for example, DV systems effectively remove contaminants (e.g. cigarette smoke) from the breathing zone to greatly improve air quality.

Many large public spaces incorporate creative architectural designs. Price DV diffusers can be integrated into architectural features such as benches, seats, and tables or blended into the space with custom colors and perforation patterns.

Theatres and auditoria are unique spaces that can benefit greatly from the use of DV. These spaces typically have high ceilings, sloped floors to accommodate staged seating, large loads outside the occupied zone (e.g. stage lighting, equipment), and high occupant density (ASHRAE 62.1-2004). DV systems can achieve excellent energy savings in such applications, successfully remove contaminants from the occupied zone, and install seamlessly in sloped-floor seating areas to provide ventilation with minimum draft.

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