Displacement Ventilation in Health Care

In no application is indoor environmental quality [IEQ] more important than in health care, an industry also known to be one of the most energy intensive. For years, codes and design best practices has ensured that these facilities provide the best protection against infection for the patient, health care providers and visitors.

Recently, there has been growing interest in the use of alternative air distribution strategies in order to maximize IEQ while minimizing energy use in several noncritical areas in hospitals. One such strategy is displacement ventilation. Displacement ventilation has long been demonstrated to provide improved performance in all mechanically related areas of IEQ, namely, indoor air quality [IAQ], acoustics and thermal comfort. Displacement systems provide a cleaner, safer, more comfortable environment for patients, health care providers, and visitors.

ASHRAE is currently reviewing an addendum to the Standard 170-2008 “Ventilation of Health Care Facilities” which both officially recognizes the use if displacement ventilation in health care facilities, and provides guidelines for its use.

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