Beams in Large Public Spaces

A variety of large public spaces can benefit from the use of Price active and passive beams. Low noise levels, high indoor air quality, and improved thermal comfort compared to conventional systems ensure that occupant comfort is extremely high in spaces that utilize active and passive beam systems. Passive beams in particular are effective at cooling aisle ways or interior perimeters of any large spaces in an extremely energy efficient manner.

Hotels and dormitories can also greatly benefit from active and passive beam systems. Fan power savings often come from the elimination of fan coils unit located in the occupied space. The energy savings associated with these "local" fans is similar in magnitude to that of larger air handling systems. It also allows for the elimination of the electrical service required for the installation of fan coil units as well as a reduction in the maintenance of the drain and filter systems. The removal of these fans from the occupied space also provides lower noise levels which can be a significant benefit in the sleep areas.

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