Beams in Health Care

Hospitals are a unique application in that the supply air volume required by local codes for each space is often greater than the requirement of the cooling and heating load. In some cases the standard or code requires these higher air change rates for all-air systems only, and not systems that use active or passive beams. This allows a significant reduction in system air volume and the related energy saving and other benefits.

When used in health care applications such as patient rooms, chilled beam systems generally deliver constant air volume to the space. Significant energy savings can be realized through potential reductions primary air change rates, reheat and the cooling energy discarded as part of the reheat process. Depending on the application, a 100% outside air system may be used. These systems exhaust all return air, no mixing of return between patient rooms, potentially lowering the risk of hospital associated infections.

Pharmacies, often located in the basements of health care facilities can benefit from the reduced plenum height required for beams as opposed to all-air systems due to reduced ductwork requirements.

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