As a single-source supplier, Price optimizes the construction process and long-term facility environment by providing complementary high-performance air distribution solutions in every critical space.

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has been a leader in American health care since its establishment in 1897 and opening of its first research laboratory in 1902. The history of service at any Saint Francis facility is characterized by the founding principles of clinical excellence and compassionate caring.

It is this commitment to innovation and premiere patient care that spurred the four year, $184 million development of the new 10-storey, 318,000 ft2 John T. O’Connell Tower at Saint Francis.

The new facility has led to a significant increase in opportunities to serve Hartford and the surrounding community, including a 10% increase in surgical visits and an expected 50% increase in joint replacement procedures.

The development of 19 new operating rooms, 144 private patient rooms and 70 treatment areas presented a unique set of air distribution challenges.

The design team would have to balance the unique functional requirements and competing priorities of each space while minimizing the risk of airborne infection and contributing to an aesthetic of healing within the facility.

The Challenge: A Premier Healing Environment

TRO Jung|Brannen (TRO J|B) was awarded the role of engineer and architect on this project by Saint Francis and challenged to select air distribution solutions that would meet or surpass industry standards and reduce risk of airborne infection.

Beyond the functional requirements of the space, TRO J|B was also challenged to design an architecturally appealing environment for healing that would demonstrate Saint Francis’ vision for premium patient care. TRO J|B, in turn, partnered with Price to supply system solutions for every floor of this new facility.

Price Solution: Operating Rooms:
Critical Performance & Mechanical Flexibility

Of the 19 new operating rooms at Saint Francis, the vast majority were constructed to function as flexible OR spaces. For these ORs, TRO J|B selected the Price Unitee ceiling system for maximum mechanical flexibility through easy ceiling access, and Price laminar flow diffusers to ensure a clean supply of HEPA filtered air.

Paul Kondrat, Senior Associate & Director of HVAC Engineering at TRO J|B, visited Price Technical Center in Suwanee, GA to witness the laminar flow diffuser in action. This in-person demonstration validated the performance of the LFD and provided TRO J|B with the confidence that the system would meet or exceed the necessary air flow standards within the space.

The remaining two operating rooms were designed as hybrid cath lab/cardiac ORs, requiring a different solution to meet the air change requirements in a much larger space and with more variable equipment than the standard ORs.

For these spaces, TRO J|B selected the Price HORD air curtain system and Unitee ceiling with Unistrutâ„¢ integration, and worked closely with Price’s applications engineering group to develop an extensive Unistrut™ framing and track system on which to mount all of the medical equipment. Price’s HORD system has been independently tested to American College of Surgeons requirements by a third party multiple times in past years, and in every case, the HORD performs better than the highest classification level (Class 1) within the perimeter of the air curtain.

Patient Areas:
Ensuring Safety & Comfort

Price louvered high-induction directional diffusers were selected for each of the 144 patient rooms and all other occupied areas of the facility, minimizing drafts through rapid mixing to ensure patient comfort. The aluminum option was selected for the high-moisture decontamination area of the Central Sterile Processing Department.

In some patient areas, safety concerns extend beyond that of maintaining asepsis. Price security grilles were selected to maintain a safe environment for patients in minimum- and medium-security psychiatric treatment areas.

Public Spaces:
Architectural Integration & Long-Term Functionality

A facility’s reception areas make up the first public face presented to its visitors, and as such, the first impression they deliver must portray the vision and values of that organization. In a medical center such as Saint Francis, a clean and modern design aesthetic directly reflects that facility’s commitment to evolving technologies and meticulous patient care.

This principle led TRO J|B to select the Price Adjusta Slot for air flow control over the main reception desk and approximately 200 feet of Price Jet Slot diffusers throughout the main and departmental waiting areas. Easily integrated into the architecture of the space, these diffusers (and accompanying return grilles) were installed with the ceiling suspension system and meet the varying throw requirements of these public areas.

Square Plaque Diffusers were designed into the hallways of every floor, selected both for reliable long-term performance and unobtrusive design.

The Results

The incredible breadth of Price’s product lines, from standard grilles to complex operating room systems, allowed Price to optimize the environment of this facility by providing complementary high performance air distribution solutions in every critical space.

This also allowed the various stakeholders the benefits of working with the same supplier across multiple functions, including access to an applications support team with knowledge of the full system and significant cost savings.

Design Team Profile

Design excellence is the driving force
behind every TRO Jung|Brannen project

For 100 years, TRO Jung|Brannen has been committed to transformational design that results in high performance and captivating spaces, capable of evolving to serve clients needs over time. Design excellence is the driving force behind every TRO J|B project, with the recognition of the power of design to touch people’s lives today and anticipate people’s needs in the future.

In striving to make a meaningful difference in the human experience through design, TRO J|B has worked on a number of commercial and industrial spaces. Their experience in health care is international and includes:

  • Facility Master Planning
  • Diagnostic & Treatment Services
  • Inpatient Facilities
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Health Care Interiors

Project Highlights

Location: Hartford, CT
Project Type: New Construction
Project Cost: Estimated $184 million at completion
Year Completed: 2011
Square Footage: 318,000 ft2
Engineer / Architect TRO Jung|Brannen
Price Products Used: CE & GRD
Price Representative: Buckley Associates, Inc.