Laminar Flow Diffusers

Laminar Flow Diffusers

Price laminar flow diffusers are used to ensure a clean, unidirectional airflow in the critical spaces of research, industry and medical facilities. The LFDC series includes the addition of an easily-replaceable high-efficiency filter for additional particulate control.

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Price LFD Series laminar flow diffusers have been engineered to provide a uniform vertical projection of supply air at controlled low velocities. The downward projection or "piston" motion of supply air is ideal for cleanroom or operating room applications. Units are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction.

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Price Applications Support Team

Applications Support

With the industry's most extensive applications support team, Price looks forward to working with you on your next healthcare or laboratory system design. Contact our team to select the product solution best suited to the parameters of your project.

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What are
Laminar Flow Diffusers?

Laminar flow diffusers typically have a perforated face, internal equalization baffles, and a sealed plenum. Integral high efficiency filters are optional. Face velocities are designed to be quite low to reduce the entrainment of room air and maximize comfort below the outlet.

LFD Flow Diagram

  • Reduction of Air Entrainment

    Laminar flow diffusers located in the ceiling immediately above the work area an provide a controlled flow of conditioned supply air with minimal entrainment of residual room air.

  • Low Velocity

    Clean supply air will slowly wash over the patient or critical process with minimal turbulence or induction of room air. Velocity at patient bed height is dependent on supply air volume, diffuser face velocity uniformity and supply air temperature relative to room air temperature (Δ T).


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