Laminar Flow Diffusers

Overhead Horizontal Throw Diffusers

These diffusers are designed to entrain room air and mix it with clean supply, removing particle contamination through mixing and "dilution" through low-level exhaust grilles.

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AMDC Series

AMDC Series Louvered Face Diffuser with Filter

Price AMDC Series louvered face directional diffusers feature replaceable high-efficiency filters and are designed to provide large volumes of filtered air in a 4-way horizontal air pattern.

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Price Applications Support Team

Applications Support

With the industry's most extensive applications support team, Price looks forward to working with you on your next healthcare or laboratory system design. Contact our team to select the product solution best suited to the parameters of your project.

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Group A (ASHRAE Fundamentals, 2009) Outlets

ASHRAE defines "Group A" outlets as those mounted in or near the ceiling that discharge air horizontally. The high discharge velocity of these diffusers entrain large amounts of room air, diluting contaminants and providing an evenly mixed space. Care should be taken with outlet selection to ensure the potential for drafts or stagnant areas is minimized.

Group A Diagram

  • Multi-Use

    ASHRAE approves the use of Group A diffusers in standard patient rooms, airborne infection isolation rooms, waiting and examination rooms, and other public spaces within a healthcare facility.

  • Cost Effective

    Horizontal discharge outlets are a cost-effective way to provide clean, filtered air in a critical space where vertical air discharge is not required.


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