Laminar Flow Diffusers

Fan Filter Units

Price Fan Filter Units are fan powered diffusers with integrated high efficiency filters for critical applications requiring additional static pressure boost. All Price diffusers with high efficiency filters are manufactured and leak tested inside our controlled cleanroom environment at Price Research Center North.

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FFU Series

FFU Series

The FFU Series of fan filter units are specifically designed to provide clean, unidirectional supply air at controlled discharge velocities for cleanroom, pharmacy and laboratory applications. These units can be customized with standard or special options to suit virtually any project.

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Price Applications Support Team

Applications Support

With the industry's most extensive applications support team, Price looks forward to working with you on your next healthcare or laboratory system design. Contact our team to select the product solution best suited to the parameters of your project.

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What are
Fan Filter Units?

Fan filter units are a combination of a fan, blower housing, and filter and are available as ducted or non-ducted. The fan is used as a booster to overcome the higher pressure drop of the filter, and the unit is typically designed to supply air at a rate of 90 fpm.

LFD Flow Diagram

  • Standard and Room-Side
    Replaceable High-Efficiency Filters

    Price offers multiple filter options on Standard or Room-Side Replaceable (RSR) units. Standard Price FFUs offer the largest active filter area and the highest airflow capacity of all Price fan filter units; removable filters allow for periodic filter changes via the ceiling plenum. RSR units offer the convenience and flexibility to periodically replace filters from the room side of installed modules.

  • Fan Power

    Fan filter units are ideal for applications lacking sufficient fan pressure required for high efficiency filtration, as the fan is self-contained within the unit and maintains the required airflow rate within the space.

  • Motor Options

    ECM motor technology is an available option on all Price fan filter units, offering reduced energy usage, noise and operating temperatures in comparison to lower-cost PSC motors.

  • Quiet Operation

    High efficiency sound-absorbing foam liners and motors mounted with vibration isolators minimize noise without compromising performance.


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