Ceiling Systems

Ceiling Systems

Reduced construction time and long-term mechanical flexibility through convenient ceiling access and equipment support and integration.

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HDCR Ceiling Systems are supplied in large, factory-welded modules and provide a strong ceiling support structure for easy field installation. The closed-cell polyethylene gasket helps to maintain the integrity of the room envelope, and optional Unistrut® integration and a common plenum design are available to maximize mechanical flexibility.

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Applications Support

With the industry's most extensive applications support team, Price looks forward to working with you on your next healthcare or laboratory system design. Contact our team to select the product solution best suited to the parameters of your project.

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What are
Ceiling Systems?

A Ceiling System is a heavy duty suspension ceiling system that supports diffusers, fill-in panels and light fixtures in a variety of cleanroom environments. This system offers a superior barrier between the room and ceiling plenum, while also simplifying installation with pre-welded sections.

  • Reduced Construction Time

    Installation of the Ceiling System can be completed at any time, as full access to the ceiling plenum is always available. This removes the ceiling installation from the critical path and minimizes coordination and total construction time.

  • Mechanical Flexibility

    Future renovation costs to accommodate new technology are minimized due to long-term ceiling access.

  • Long-Term Performance

    The sterile white powder coat finish is formulated to resist deterioration from hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants.

  • Common Plenum Design

    The Unitee HDCR-PL integrates multiple laminar flow diffusers into a single pressurized heavy-duty plenum unit, providing protective laminar flow and clearance for structural boom mounts with reduced duct connections and installation labor.

  • Unistrut® Integration

    Optional Unistrut® integration combines equipment, laminar flow diffusers and heavy-duty framing to create a sealed ceiling system. Fill-in panels allow for access to ceiling plenum.


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