Patient Rooms - Standard & Isolation

Patient Rooms - Standard & Isolation

The majority of patient care areas in a hospital are standard patient rooms. The variability in occupancy levels, solar/conduction loads through exterior walls, and equipment loads will generally require reheat, VAV control, supplemental room heating or cooling, exterior shading, or any combination of these features, in addition to stringent contaminant control. There are two types of patient isolation rooms - Airborne Infection Isolation (negative pressurization to corridor) and Protective Environment (positive pressurization to corridor) which require additional filtration and asepsis control for the specialized needs of the patients in these spaces.

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Complying with the requirements of USP797 for contamination control in today’s hospital pharmacies while incorporating best practice design methodologies to ensure these spaces are maintained sterile can present multiple challenges with respect to air distribution and HVAC design.

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