Price Critical Controls Venturi Valves

Venturi Valves

Price Venturi Valves are mechanically pressure independent control valves designed specifically for room pressure and fume hood control applications. The highly engineered internal plunger assembly ensures the valve will respond to changes in duct static pressure in less than one second, while turndown ratios in excess of 16:1 serve to maximize energy savings in unoccupied or minimum flow set-points.

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Price VV Venturi Valve

Price VV

Price Critical Controls' VV venturi valve is available in constant or variable air volume configurations and controls flow without the need for measuring devices in the airstream, eliminating the possibility of lint or other airborne particulates interfering with the control or accuracy of the valve. Instead, electronic flow feedback is generated using a precision potentiometer in combination with the Price Linear Module (LM) to output a VDC signal linearly proportional to airflow. The LM output works seamlessly with Price controls and simplifies the task of field programming when integrating Price Venturi Valves with third-party controls.

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With the industry's most extensive applications support team, Price looks forward to working with you on your next healthcare or laboratory system design. Contact our team to select the product solution best suited to the parameters of your project.

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What are Venturi Valves?

Constant, highly-controlled room pressurization is critical in health care and laboratory applications. Adjusting a fume hood sash or changing the airflow offset to an adjacent space can be enough to create unsafe conditions for building occupants. Venturi valves are pressure independent and adjust in less than one second to duct pressure variations, ensuring the well-being of all occupants of that environment.

  • Turndown Ratio

    Venturi valves have significantly greater turndown
    ratio than other terminal valves, providing maximum turndown capability and energy savings during unoccupied hours.

  • Lint Insensitivity

    The accuracy of airflow sensors can be negatively impacted by the buildup of airborne lint. Venturi valves control flow based on factory calibration and characterization without the use of flow sensors, leaving them unaffected by particulates in the airstream.

  • Inlet/Outlet Insensitivity

    Standard terminal unit flow sensors typically require three duct diameters of straight duct leading into and out of the valve. Venturi valve performance is virtually unaffected by inlet or outlet duct configurations, allowing wide mechanical flexibility.

  • Integrated Assembly Options

    Price VV are available with Integrated silencers and/or HW or electric reheat coils as AHRI-certified assemblies.

  • Operating Rooms

    Operating rooms are relatively large healthcare spaces with greater room envelope leakage potential due to frequently-opened doors and no anteroom space. Patients in these spaces are particularly vulnerable to infection, and venturi valves ensure the minimum air changes per hour for this critical space are met while maintaining pressurization as required.

  • Patient Isolation Rooms

    Venturi valves efficiently manage airflow pressurization in both Protective Environment (PE) and Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) patient isolation rooms, where room pressurization in relation to the exterior space is crucial in protecting both those within the patient care space and outside of it.

  • Laboratories

    Laboratory technicians frequently work with extremely hazardous chemicals and materials and require significant protection. As the sash of a fume hood is raised, the airflow pressurization can be compromised and venturi valves react in less than one second to ensure that airflow and the safety of the technicians is maintained.

  • Vivariums

    Price's Critical Controls products for vivariums ensures technician safety in biohazardous applications where animals are present.