President's Message

The inscription "Through These Portals Pass the World’s Most Beautiful Grilles," first appeared above the shipping doors of our Winnipeg factory over 40 years ago. The original sign still hangs there today, as a testament to our commitment to providing superior quality products.

Gerry Price

Every Price employee is committed to serving the needs of our customers. Whether it is the manufacturing team who provide dependably short lead times and on-time delivery, or the product development engineers and laboratory technicians who provide application engineering support and relentlessly develop new commodity and specialized niche products, or our software and multimedia developers who create unique Price software, it truly is "easy to do business" with Price.

As a private company, continuity in management and ownership has greatly contributed to our fine record of providing superior products and services at a competitive price. We have a history and reputation to be proud of. You can rely on Price – our products and services – with confidence.

Gerry Price Signature

Gerry Price
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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