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Price is committed to the continual introduction of new products and systems that further the goals outlined by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Price VAV Diffusers offer a unique alternative to traditional VAV systems. The use of the Prodigy and Varitherm diffusers are an economical method to create small zones to satisfy each occupant’s independent demands. Available in native BACnet, PI control as well as mechanical operation, these high performance VAV diffusers offer a wide range of functionality and control options.

Underfloor Air Distribution provides many opportunities for reducing the energy consumption typical of a traditional overhead air delivery system. Due to the air outlets being at floor level, the mixing zone usually only extends from the floor to ~ 6 ft. Price offers a comprehensive variety of Underfloor Air Distribution products, including round diffusers, baskets, Linear bar grilles, boots and Underfloor Terminal units.

Displacement Ventilation affords many of the same energy savings as UFAD. Due to the diffusers being at floor level and their low velocity / low induction supply, the mixing zone is virtually eliminated. With little or no entrainment of room air, the supply air flows along the floor until it is caught in a thermal plume from a human, machinery or other heat source, delivering air only to the areas that require it, thereby dramatically reducing the cooling load in the space. Price offers a comprehensive line of Displacement Ventilation products suitable for a variety of applications.

Radiant Systems are becoming more and more the preferred choice for handling zone heating and cooling loads due to their inherent efficiency. Radiation is the dominant means of heat transfer from people to their surroundings and is therefore naturally comfortable. Price offers a full range of radiant panels and chilled beams.


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