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Critical Environments set some of the most stringent requirements for airflow imaginable. Price Critical Environment products are highly engineered to provide solutions for facilities including: Laboratory, Cleanroom, Operating and Isolation rooms. High quality, precise construction and extensive industry knowledge make our critical environment products the best choice in the industry.

In the critical application of surgical suites, the Price Acuflow O.R. systems offer clean air where it counts the most. The control and containment of airborne contaminants are especially important while in surgery.

The Price H.O.R.D. system includes a linear air curtain surrounding the operating environment. This air curtain reduces the chance of contaminants entering the clean airstream discharged from the laminar diffusers in the center. The laminar flow diffusers supply clean air directly onto the surgical site at low velocities.


The Price Laminar Ceiling system functions in a similar manner to the H.O.R.D. system, except there is no linear air curtain. Other than lighting and other necessary ceiling mounted surgical equipment, the ceiling over the surgical area, including where the staff is, is filled with laminar flow diffusers. These laminar flow diffusers supply clean air over the surgical site and the surgical staff.

Price has the solution for any critical environment imaginable. From laboratory exhaust to cleanroom supply, Price has the products, knowledge, and people to make your project a success.


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