Sustainable Business Practices

Green With Innovation E.H. Price and Price Industries are committed to examining our policies and procedures to make them more environmentally friendly. At Price, sustainability means maintaining our business model indefinitely, ensuring that we continue to grow and prosper while not burning up the path behind us. Price is committed to being the industry leader in environmental and social responsibility, ensuring our efforts make sense for the company, and that they fit with our values and our vision for a healthy, prosperous future.

This journey prompted the creation of Green Teams in Winnipeg and Atlanta to oversee the green projects in their respective facilities and marks our commitment to waste reduction, employee health and a smaller environmental footprint.

Some of our recent changes:

  • Initiation of an employee health and wellness program.
  • Reduction of the amount of water used in the production process by installing closed loop chillers on equipment.
  • Speeding up the paintline allows the ovens to be turned off for hours at a time.
  • Our corporate office has converted all paper used in fax machines, photocopiers and promotional materials to a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled paper. (Estimated paper consumption is 17 tons)
  • Conversion of cardboard received in the plant into packaging materials reduces raw materials consumed and diverts waste to serve a useful function.


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