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Price embarked on its Lean Journey, embracing the tools of world-class manufacturing, starting in 2000. Since then, Price has become a recognized leader in the use of Lean principle. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) principles are used in every facility, and every area of the company to take waste out of our operations and deliver more value at less cost to our customers.

Today, Continuous Improvement initiatives are evident in every area of the company. Kaizen Blitz events are held regularly. This year Continuous Improvement plans are developed in every work area to focus our improvement initiatives. Visual Management tools are used extensively, as is 5-S organization technique. Recently, plasma display monitors and barcoding have been implemented in our factories to help improve flow and reduce errors. We use formal Value Engineering/Value Analysis methodology to re-engineer products, providing more value at less cost.

Our Lean Journey has resulted in significantly improved productivity, quality and service for our customers. We are proud of our progress, and are dedicated to staying on the Lean path.


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