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For over 30 years, Price has been generating accurate, reliable performance data using our extensive in-house test facilities. Recently expanded and upgraded, the Price Air Distribution Laboratories in Winnipeg reinforce our commitment to world-class research and development using state-of-the-art test equipment. Price Air Distribution Laboratories are excellent for contractors, engineers and owners to view Price products operating under a variety of installation and operating conditions.

Reverberant Sound Room


A key element in our test facilities is the reverberant sound room, constructed and qualified in accordance with ASHRAE and ANSI test standards. The sound room is used to generate all catalog performance data, including ARI certified ratings for Price terminal units. Using Bruel and Kjaer Dual Channel Real Time Frequency Analyzers ensures the highest accuracy of sound measurement available, while a networked graphical data acquisition system precisely monitors and controls test parameters and conditions. Air flow and pressure measurements are recorded in accordance with industry standards. Mock-up witness tests are often conducted to fulfill specific project requirements.

Throw Room


The specially designed throw rooms allow all types of air outlets to be tested in a variety of conditions. Room layout and diffuser placement can be customized for specialized applications, allowing products to be tested prior to delivery. Rooms can be divided into sections to create smaller areas or expanded to one large area. Large viewing windows allow visitors and laboratory staff to observe air pattern smoke tests from outside the room.

Air Distribution Mock-Up Room


Price Air Distribution mock-up rooms feature a raised floor plenum-supply system with Price Underfloor outlets, and a complete HORD Hospital Operating Room ceiling system. A cold wall with an environmental chamber capable of temperatures down to -30°F can be used to determine the effectiveness of overhead heating systems and underfloor outlets in perimeter locations. Air patterns can be analyzed through smoke tests or detailed temperature and velocity plots using state-of-the-art graphing equipment. Price mock-up rooms were designed with the customer in mind and can be configured to meet any job specific requirements.

Training Room


Training is an important part of the laboratory facilities. Training capabilities have been added to the Price Air Distribution Laboratories, allowing for effective, focused presentations on specific products and air distribution topics. A large selection of product samples allow for hands-on training, with Power Point presentations, videos, and multimedia software available to enhance the learning experience.

Electrical Test Area


Price conducts a variety of electrical tests to develop performance ratings for fan-powered terminal units and electric duct heaters. Testing is performed in our laboratories to ensure products meet the appropriate safety standards required by UL/ULC, CSA, and ETL organizations. The Price Air Distribution Laboratories have been certified to conduct electric duct heater testing, using a wide range of power supplies and testing equipment. This certification allows us to test power supplies of various voltages, in single and three phase, as well as variable voltage transformers and variable frequency power supplies.

Acoustic Mock-Up Room


Price has constructed an Acoustic Mock-up Room to test terminal unit sound generation conditions in an actual office environment. Designed and finished in accordance with the Acoustical Consultants’ guidelines for simulating actual office acoustics, the Acoustic Mock-Up Room allows NC levels to be verified. Mock-ups can also be created for a variety of project specifications. Visitors can listen to the system in operation and receive detailed room sound measurements and analysis.


The Fan Coil Test Chamber tests fan coils in accordance with ASHRAE and ARI test standards. The chamber has humidity and temperature control so that all measurements are taken in the same conditions. It has a dedicated cold and hot water system and variable voltage transformers to test units for capacity and ARI ratings.

Terminal Test Area


Price Air Distribution Laboratories have dedicated areas for terminal unit testing and product development. These areas include supply air drops capable of delivering up to 10,000 CFM through NIST traceable Flow meters. Ethernet based Data acquisition systems allow the collection of data for a variety of tests including temperature mixing, fan curves, and flow sensor regulation accuracy.

Price Sound Laboratory


To support Price’s commitment to provide accurate, reliable performance data for Noise Control Products we have dedicated 6500 sq.ft. to the Price Sound Laboratory. The Price Sound Laboratory includes a 21,000 ft³ Reverberant Sound Chamber designed specifically for testing commercial and industrial noise control products. This room can be supplied with up to 30,000 cfm from a dedicated fan and measuring system. Variable speed drives and NIST traceable flow meters ensure the most accurate flow control and measurement. The entire noise control test facility was designed and constructed utilizing the most up-to-date test standards and procedures available and meets the requirements for ASTM, ARI and AMCA product testing. All measurements and control are monitored and recorded with a state-of-the-art frequency analyzer and data acquisition system. This industry leading facility also gives Price the ability to perform in-house testing on custom products to the appropriate testing standard.

Mechanical Equipment


Price testing facilities have mechanical equipment designed to suit the capacity and control requirements of our products.

Items include:

  • Several high-capacity fan systems for supply and exhaust application up to 30,000 cfm
  • Variable speed drives for infinite fan flow control
  • Chilled water coils for high-capacity cooling applications
  • DX cooling system capable of supplying low temperature air to 31°F
  • 35 ton Chilled Water Cooling System
  • NIST Traceable Flow Meters


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