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Price Acoustic Panels are effective methods for controlling excessive equipment radiated noise. With tongue and groove construction, assembly is easy and installation time is minimized. Price’s versatile line of acoustic panels is ideal for use in walls, barriers and enclosures, and is fully customizable to meet noise reduction requirements. The acoustic panel system is extremely flexible and because we have the ability to build each barrier or enclosure to suit the application we can provide a customized solution to fit your noise control needs.

Features Applications
  • Easy to assemble, tongue and groove design.
  • Available with high performance acoustic doors.
  • Available in H-Chanel design when heavy gauges are required.
  • Available in 2, 4, and 6 inch depths.
  • Provided with required openings and construction characteristics to suit the application.
  • No screws through panel joints to reduce installation cost and air/noise/moisture leakage.
  • Tongue design to eliminate the need for field insulation of joints.
  • Effective enclosure system for noisy equipment.
  • Available with heavier gauge construction to minimize breakout noise.
  • High quality and flexible system to provide strength and airtight construction.
  • Economical way to attenuate low frequency noise at the source.
  • Self-aligning panels installed in minimal time.
  • Customized to suit each application, with a wide variety of sizes and configurations available.
  • Barrier systems
  • Custom enclosures for noisy equipment
  • Inlet and exhaust plenums
  • Rooms and booths
  • Test Cells
  • Ideal for attenuating unwanted noise from turbines, pumps, motors, compressors, air handlers, generator sets, and more.

Silencer Bank

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