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ERMT Silencers
Price ERMT film lined absorptive silencers are designed for a large range of velocity applications. This medium velocity configuration provides high levels of insertion loss across the full range of frequencies, and the sloped tail arrangement allows for static regain for improved pressure drop. This configuration is best suited for applications with duct velocities of 2500 fpm or less.

Rectangular Silencers  
Elbow Film Lined
Medium Velocity


PRICE Absorptive Film Lined Elbow Silencers are designed to provide a solution to undesirable noise in short runs of ductwork, with the added protection of a thin polymer film liner that encapsulates the acoustic media. This film liner protects the acoustic media from moisture and airborne contaminants that may be present in the duct system. A minimal system pressure drop is maintained by utilizing the same internal design of the standard absorptive silencers. These features, combined with Price’s ability to build each silencer to match the ductwork design, offer excellent flexibility to suit any application.

  • Thin polymer film liner that encapsulates the acoustic media for added protection.
  • Acoustic stand-off separating the film liner from perforated metal to ensure the highest levels of insertion loss.
  • Improved mid frequency performance provided by 90 degree bend.
  • The same engineered internal geometries used in the standard absorptive silencers that maximizes insertion loss with minimal pressure drop.
Silencer Bank
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