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R-STC Silencers Applications
Price R-STC silencers are designed for medium-low velocity applications. This medium-low velocity configuration provides the highest insertion loss levels across the full range of frequencies. With a sloped tail arrangement providing static regain for improved pressure drop, these silencers are best suited for application with velocities 1000 fpm or less.

Rectangular Sound Transmission Class R-STC

Price R-STC Silencers have been designed to provide noise reduction performance meeting STC 40, 45, 50 and 55 ratings, and as required, include a high transmission loss casing with double wall construction to maintain the acoustic integrity of the unit. An STC rating is a single number value indicating the sound isolation properties of a wall. A specific STC Rating is commonly specified for the wall construction between adjacent acoustically sensitive rooms, such as police interrogation rooms and sensitive military applications. The STC rating of the R-STC silencers has been determined based on insertion loss performance obtained from ASTM E477 and rated according to ASTM 413.

  • Designed to provide STC40, 45, 50 and 55 ratings
  • Double wall construction for high transmission loss casing.
  • Welded construction to provide the highest quality. Mechanical fasteners used only when absolutely necessary.
  • 2” slip connection on both ends.
Silencer Bank
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