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PRICE Axial Fan Silencers are custom built for close coupling to the inlet and discharge of axial fans. These silencers are engineered to provide excellent sound attenuation at the source, and to improve the aerodynamic performance of the fan by providing maximum static regain. The axial fan pod diameter is built to match the fan hub, and provides a smooth air path that increases energy efficiency by reducing the system pressure drop. The structural integrity of the axial fan silencer design ensures reliable performance at fan velocities up to 6000 fpm. Our available standard sizes offer excellent flexibility to ductwork designs, and we have the ability to build each silencer to suit the application.


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AFS Silencers
Price AFS silencers are designed for high velocity applications. This high velocity configuration provides excellent insertion loss across the full range of frequencies, and the sleek curved inlet and outlet of the center pod reduce turbulence and allow for static regain for improved pressure drop. This configuration is best suited for applications with velocities up to 6000 fpm.

  • Aerodynamic design maximizes static regain.
  • Center pod diameter designed to match the fan hub to minimize system pressure drop.
  • Can be applied to the fan inlet and discharge for maximum attenuation and energy efficiency.
  • Highest quality leak-free construction.
  • Structurally designed for velocities up to 6000 fpm.
  • 2 in. slip connection on both ends.
Silencer Bank
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