Section LActive & Passive Beams


PCBL Linear Passive Beam

The Price PCBL is a high capacity passive beam. This unit operates without an air supply, solely through free convection, to cool the occupied zone. It is best coupled with an active beam, displacement or UFAD system. The PCBL can accommodate various installation options such as above perforated ceilings, mounted in suspended ceilings, or exposed applications. It is typically installed along aisles and the perimeter.

PCBL-R Passive Beam with Integrated Return

The PCBL-R has all the same features as the PCBL, but it is used in applications where the passive beam is to be installed in the ceiling and a return air path is required. Applications include drywall ceilings or T-bar ceilings with nonperforated ceiling tiles.

Additional Active & Passive Beams Products

1) Active Beams
2) Passive Beams
3) Controls & Accessories
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