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Linear High Efficiency Active Beam     ACBL-HE

The Price Linear High Efficiency Active Beam, ACBL-HE, features increased efficiency, which maximizes cooling and heating capacity per unit of primary air flow. The ACBL-HE allows for ease of installation and minimum maintenance. The ACBL-HE induces room air through the heat exchanger, mixes it with supply air, and delivers the combined air streams into the occupied zone via slots along the length of the beam. The ACBL-HE lends itself to many different installation configurations and its low profile makes it suitable in both new and refurbished buildings. The Price ACBL-HE can be easily integrated into suspended and drywall ceilings. The ACBL-HE is offered in 24” and hard metric 600mm widths.

  • 1 way and 2 way air pattern
  • 2 and 4 pipe configuration option
  • Adjustable mounting brackets
  • Hinged access face to allow easy roomside access to the coil and any control component
  • Internally painted black to help hide internal beam elements
  • Perforated or grille face
  • Pressure port for air-side balancing and flow verification
Casing Construction
  • Heavy duty face
  • Steel plenum
  • White powder coat finish
Water Coil Construction
  • Aluminum fins
  • Manufacturer pressure tested to 450 psi [3.1 MPa]
  • Vent and drain
Water Connection Type
  • Standard Connection Options:
    • 1/2" [13mm] SWT
    • 1/2" [13mm] NPT (female)
  • Other connection types available

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