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Horizontal Active Beam                        ACBH

The Price Horizontal Active Beam, ACBH, offers exceptional heating and cooling capacities for in-ceiling, in-wall, or exposed applications. The ACBH induces room air from the space or from a return ceiling plenum, via a grille or opening, that passes through a heat exchanger and mixes it with the primary air. The mixed air is then discharged horizontally into the occupied zone through a grille, slot diffuser, or opening. The low profile makes the ACBH ideal for installation in bulkheads and soffits. Typical applications include hotel rooms, patient rooms and office spaces.

  • Return inlet and discharge outlet options
  • 2 or 4 pipe configuration
  • Low profile design
  • Exposed or concealed mounting
  • Quiet operation
  • Internally painted black (exposed unit)
    or mill (concealed unit) hides internal
    beam elements
  • Pressure port for air-side balancing
    and flow verification
Casing Construction
  • Steel plenum
  • White powder (exposed) or mill
    (concealed) coat finish
Water Coil Construction
  • Aluminum fins
  • Manufacturer pressure tested to 450 psi [3.1 MPa]
  • Vent and drain
Water Connection Type
  • Standard Connection Options:
    • 1/2" [13mm] SWT
    • 1/2" [13mm] NPT (female)
  • Other connection types available

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