Section LActive & Passive Beams


ACBL-HE / ACBL Linear Active Beam

The Price ACBL / ACBL-HE are high capacity active beams. These units can handle high heating/cooling loads while simultaneously supplying fresh air to the occupied space. The ACBL / ACBL-HE induce room air that mixes with supply air and discharges back into the room through 1 or 2 slots located along the length of the beam. These units are ideal for both perimeter and internal locations, and can be installed in suspended ceilings, T-bar or exposed mounting.

ACBM Modular Active Beam

The Price ACBM is used for both heating and cooling. This active beam provides 4 way discharge into the space and is ideal for internal installations in T-bar lay-in applications.

ACBH Horizontal Active Beam

The Price ACBH active beam is typically installed in bulkheads and discharges the mixed, primary and induced air horizontally. This beam is often coupled with a grille on the return side and slot diffuser or grille on the discharge. Ideal applications include bulkhead locations in hotel rooms, patient rooms, and office spaces.

ACBV Vertical Active Beam

Similar to the ACBH, the Price ACBV discharges the mixed, primary and induced, air in a vertical orientation, either upwards or downwards. This active beam is ideal for retrofitting induction units in existing spaces and is typically placed along the perimeter under or above windows.

ACBC Floor Mounted Active Beam

The Price ACBC is an exposed perimeter active beam suitable for offices, schools, hotels, and lobbies. It can be used as a standalone product or can be connected in series with other ACBC units to create a continuous look.

Additional Active & Passive Beams Products

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3) Controls & Accessories
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