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Roof Mounted Natural Vent NVE

The Price natural ventilator, model NVE, is a ceiling mounted unit that is designed to relieve air to the outdoors in cooling mode and exchange air with the outdoors in heating mode. A wide variety of grille finishes and constructions are available to assist in blending in with the aesthetic of the occupied space.
Available with either a penthouse louver or a mushroom vent, the NVS offers a packaged solution to simplify the selection and design of natural ventilation systems.

  • Insulated low leakage damper with spring return modulating actuator
  • Heavy duty grille construction
  • Central control panel mounted remotely provides signals to all units to respond to environmental conditions
  • Penthouse louver with bird mesh
  • Mushroom vent with bird mesh
  • Bird/bug screen
  • Hot water heating element
  • Noise attenuation section
  • Finish
    • Mill
    • B12
  • Return
  • Open for exposed configuration
  • Ducted connection for separate return grille
  System Options
  • Indicator light for window operation
  • Control signal for window actuation
  • Can be used in conjunction with all natural ventilation systems:
    • Rectangular roof stack unit (NVR)
    • Square roof stack unit (NVS)
    • Wall unit air exchanger (NVA)
    • Facade mounted natural vent (NVF)
    • Roof mounted natural vent (NVE)
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