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Wall Unit Air Exchanger NVA

The Price natural ventilator, model NVA, is a wall-mounted unit that is designed to relieve air to an atrium in cooling mode and exchange air with an atrium in heating mode. The NVA features an integral fan which serves to draw air through to the atrium when a “boost” is required in cooling mode and exchange air with the atrium in heating mode. A wide variety of grille finishes and constructions are available to assist in blending in with the aesthetic of the occupied space.

  • Low power mixing fans for winter mixing mode and summer exhaust boost
  • Combined interior temperature and CO2 sensor
  • Exterior temperature sensor
  • Central control panel mounted remotely provides signals to all units to respond to environmental conditions
  • Control signals for automated high/low level openings
  • Configuration
    • Exposed
    • Concealed (bulkhead)
  • Finish
    • Mill
    • B12 (White)
  • Configuration
    • Exposed Configuration
    • Concealed with Ducted Connections
  • Grilles
    • LBM / LBP Series
    • 520 / 620 Series
System Options
  • Supplemental heat control
  • Indicator light for window operation
  • Actuator signal for window operation
  • Remotely located controller
  • Can be used in conjunction with:
    • Operable wall opening (NVT)
    • Roof mounted nautral vent (NVE)

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