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The PRICE AFSD (Air Flow Sensing Device) is a flow measuring station combined with an adjustable damper whereby the air volume can be adjusted. The SP300 multipoint sensor ensures accurate pressure measurement, allowing the balancer to monitor the velocity pressure in the duct. The integral manually operated damper with quarter-lock allows for adjustment until the desired flow rate is obtained. A label on the side provides indication of the air flow for a given velocity pressure. The AFSD is specifically designed to operate with displacement ventilation systems to help balance downstream pressure and help in supplying optimum flow rate to the diffuser.

  • SP300 multi-point flow sensor designed to maintain control accuracy independent of field installation conditions.
  • Gauge taps for flow measurement and balancing.
  • Inlet and outlet connection bead offers a means for secure flex duct connections.
  • Housing and Damper – 22 Galvanized Steel
  • Air Flow Sensor – Plastic
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Label provides indication of air flow for a given velocity pressure
  • 6” to 16” diameter (150mm to 400mm).

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