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Price DLE-H Series displacement diffusers are designed to produce a low velocity horizontal air pattern as well as provide heat in a perimeter installation. The DLE-H discharges conditioned supply air evenly from the lower section across an extruded bar face with minimal turbulence into the room, while the upper section provides convective heat from a heating element. The cool supply air flows down to the floor and spreads across the room, gradually filling the space. When the heater is energized it induces room air over the heating element. The hot air rises above the unit and up a wall or window. Multiple sections may be spliced together for a continuous look, or individual standalone units can be used. Supply air can be introduced from either the side or the bottom. The superior air quality and low noise levels associated with the DLE-H make it suitable for office spaces, schools, hotels, lobbies, or any application where occupant comfort demands are high.

  • Multiple units may be connected together (Y end condition), or end caps may be used for standalone (Z end condition).
  • Available in three different heights and various lengths.
  • Back plate/liner for clean inner surface, easy installation.
  • Ships with protective film on face.
  • Extruded aluminum core bars.
  • Mandrel tube core construction.
  • Steel face frames.
  • Perforated aluminum baffles.
  • Coated steel liner.
  Heater Options
  • Hydronic heating element – accepts hot water heating element.
  • Electric heater – available in 120V, 208V, or 240V with either SCR or 24 VAC binary control signal. SCR can control one additional drone unit (120 V) or up to three drone units (208 / 240 V).
  • Optional PTC thermostat for master units.
  • Finish – B12 White (Standard)
For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

Connecting Multiple Units

Multiple units of the DLE-H with electric heat can be connected to meet room design requirements. As with single units, the multiple units can also be controlled using the SC R controller via master and drone units. The controller is located on the master unit and can power additional drone units. For a 120V unit, a maximum of 1 drone unit may be connected to the master unit with the SC R or relay controller. For 208V or 240V units, a maximum of three drone units may be connected to the master unit with the SC R or relay controller.

ETL Certified
The DLE-H with electric heater is ETL Certified for electric performance by the standards of Canada and the United States. The ETL Certification indicates that this product meets the requirements of UL 1995 and CSA C22.2 NO. 236.

PTC Thermostat Option
Fahrenheit and Celcius scales are available for horizontal and vertical mounting. The thermostat and terminals are an integral part of the cover. The cover hooks on to the base for easy service and is locked in place using a security screw. Speci?cations and equipment are subject to change without prior notice.
Reheat Option
On a decrease in space temperature into the heating proportional band, the first stage binary 24 VAC reheat ouput will energize.
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