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Radial Displacement Nozzle

The PRICE DRNi-HC Series radial displacement outlet, manufactured by Krantz®, is intended for use in applications where it is not feasible to install the displacement outlet in the occupied zone. The DRNi-HC series was developed to ensure the best displacement air flow in the occupied zone for these cases. Equipped with a heating and cooling function the DRNi-HC is able to adjust the spread of discharged air thus removing pollutants from production sites and workplaces with minimum mixture of indoor air. These diffusers typically discharge downwards from a height of 16’ – 26’ (5m – 8m) above the occupied zone.

  • Low-turbulence displacement air flow
  • Vertical downward directed supply air jet ensuring effective fresh air supply
  • Discharge height 13 to 26 ft (4 to 8 m)
  • 5 sizes from ø12-28
  • Air volume flow rate range from 590 CFM to 4660 CFM
  • Jet penetration depth adjustable to
    discharge height and heat loaf.
  • Adjustment manual or servomotor
  • Maximum temperature difference
    between supply air and indoor air 3.3° F when cooling and 5.6 °F when heating
  • Connection via circular tube pipe or connection box.

Finishes/ Construction:
  • Special finishes available
  • Material: circular body – aluminium;
    perforated metal sheet – galvanized steel
Available Sizes
  • Nominal Diameter,
12.5"ø (315 mm) 16"ø (400 mm)
20"ø (500 mm)
24"ø (630 mm)
28"ø (710 mm)

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on control and acoustic parameters.
  2. Select Control type (Pneumatic, Electronic, Digital) based on system design.
  3. Select Accessories as required.
  4. Select Heating Coil, if required.
  5. Select Control Sequence based on system design.
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