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Circular Displacement Diffuser with Heating and Cooling Damper

The PRICE DR360i-HC Series circular
displacement outlet with adjustable damper, manufactured by Krantz®, has an easily adjustable discharge direction, from a slight upward incline to vertically downward. These diffusers are ideal for mounting above the occupied zone, as well as on the floor. They can be used to save valuable real estate in industrial settings as well as suitable for heating and cooling applications. The DR360i-HC can also be equipped with an electric servomotor for automatic control of the adjustable damper.

  • Generation of low-turbulence displacement air flow.
  • High fresh air quality in the occupied zone.
  • Placement above the occupied zone or on the floor with fine perforated metal cylinder.
  • Well suited for cooling and heating operation.
  • Manual adjustment, with actuator or automatic thermal control unit.
  • Rapid reduction of radial discharge velocity.
  • Primary penetration depth of supply air jets up to approx. 46 ft (14 m).
  • Maximum temperature difference between room and supply air 18 °F.
  • Optional electric actuator pneumatic actuator.
  • Volume flow rate range of 410 -5930 CFM.
  • Made of galvanized sheet metal.
  • Robust construction with few adjustable parts.

  • Stainless Steel
Available Sizes
  • Diameter;
10"ø (250mm)
14"ø (355mm)
18"ø (450mm)
25"ø (630mm)
Air Pattern

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Size based on desired performance.

Example: DF360i-HC / 18 / MILL

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