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Price DF1L-HC displacement diffusers are intended for mounting in a suspended ceiling installation for applications requiring both cooling and heating. The diffuser is designed to produce a vertical low velocity displacement air pattern when supplying cool air or a horizontal high velocity pattern when supplying heated air. The diffuser switches from cooling to heating mode or vice versa with an electric or thermal actuator. When the DF1L-HC is in cooling mode it discharges air evenly across the perforated face with minimal turbulence or induction of room air. The cool air falls slowly to the floor and gradually fills the space. When the DF1L-HC is in heating mode, it discharges air parallel to the face towards the perimeter with a high velocity jet. The superior air quality and low noise levels make the DF1L-HC suitable for offices, classrooms or any application where air quality demands are high, but there is minimal floor space and a requirement for both cooling and overhead heating.

  • Suspended ceiling installation.
  • Dual plenum facilitates heat-cool changeover.
  • Heating provided by standard 1" (25 mm) custom flow (AS) slot diffuser with adjustable pattern controls.
  • Ships with protective film on face and inlet.
  • Equalization Baffle – Aluminum
  • Perforated Front Panel and Diffuser Frame – Coated Steel
  • Plenum – Coated Steel
  • Pattern Controllers – Steel
  • Finish – B12 White (Standard)
For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

  • Aluminum foil insulation (1/2", 25mm thick).
  • Air flow sensing damper (AFSD).
  • Actuator options available:
    • Electric actuator (EA), 24V floating point. The electric actuator switches the diffuser from cooling to heating mode or vice versa when it is activated by a duct temperature sensor or signal from the HVAC system.
    • Thermal actuator (TA). For full cooling mode, the thermal actuator requires a cooling supply temperature less than 70°F (21°C). For full heating mode, the thermal actuator requires a heating supply temperature greater than 80°F (27°C). Changeover time between full cooling and heating modes is approximately 10 minutes.

Electric Actuator
The DF1L-HC diffuser is designed to provide a horizontal pattern during cooling and a vertical pattern during heating. A 24VAC actuator is provided the on the DF1L-HC, which operates a damper in the neck of the diffuser. In cooling mode this dual-position damper will open a cooling inlet and direct cool air through the larger perforated face; in heating mode it will direct air through the heating inlet to the slot diffuser. Discharging warm air through the slot diffuser will increase velocity and increase the effectiveness of the warm air in the room. The actuator must be provided 24V from the building controls on the clockwise or counterclockwise terminal when the changeover is desired. This can be triggered by a duct temperature sensor, the zone or building controls.

Thermal Actuator (TA).
The DF1L-HC diffuser is designed to automatically provide a low velocity displacement pattern during cooling and a high velocity discharge during heating. An internal thermal actuator mechanism senses supply air temperature and adjusts the air pattern to suit heating or cooling applications. Supply air temperatures of less than 69°F (21°C) will result in the air being directed through the larger perforated face, while supply air temperatures greater than 81°F (27°C) will result in a high velocity discharge through the slot diffuser suitable for heating applications. Changeover time between full cooling and heating modes is approximately 10 minutes.
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