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The Price DGU underfloor deflection grille serves as a supply diffuser for underfloor air channels. The DGU will evenly disperse air from high velocity ductwork into the underfloor plenum, ensureing an even pressure and temperature distribution. Directional vanes and a patented blade indexing device lock each blade into position to prevent unwanted changes in blade deflection. The DGU can be adjusted to obtain the desired spread of supply air to an underfloor plenum. This even spread of air in the underfloor plenum will result in more uniform air supply from floor diffusers drawing from a common plenum.

  • Robust coated steel frame provides added strength to grille assembly.
  • Low profile frame on top and bottom allow for maximization of duct opening size.
  • Streamlined 1¼" (32) blades positioned on 1½" (38) centers. Maximum blade length is 18" (458).
  • Individually adjustable blades that lock into position at 0, 15, 30 and 45° deflection in both directions.
  • Blade indexing device is stainless steel; other hardware is mill or coated steel.
White Powder Coat - B12
Black Powder Coat - B17
Mill Finish - Mill
For optional and special finishes, see color matrix..

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