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The Price UMCB is used to control the FDBU
(fan powered booster unit) or FDCU (series configuration fan terminal unit), and up to 12 remote terminal dampers. By supplying the UMCB complete with a Price thermostat, the UMCB will control the fan operation (on/ off for standard motors, speed modulation for ECM motors), as well as electric heat based on the thermostat's signal. A building automation system (BAS) can also be used instead of a thermostat as an input for the UMCB through plug-and-play connections, as this controller has BACnet capabilities.

  • BACnet network capabilities that allow the UMCB to be networked through userfriendly plug-and-play connections.
  • 19 terminal block connections capable of output signals such as cooling and heating control, ECM fan motor control, fan relay, reheat (binary, analog, and tristate), etc.
  • On-board ECM motor controller.
  • Two thermistor and 1 sensor connections that can be used for humidity or pressure sensing.
  • Two RJ12 output jacks sed to convey powerand control signal to 12 remote terminals.
  • Two RJ45 jacks for network connection
  • Five new Price thermostat options: Room Sensor, Dial, LCD, LCD with Motion Sensor, and Wireless Dial.
  • 15 standard sequences, plus customizable sequences.
  • Field wiring to connect plug-and-play wires (submittal).
  • Comes mounted to terminal unit as standard, powered by integral transformer.
This product is used with the C25 cable.

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