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The Price PCU with BACnet can control up to 12 plenum dampers, controlling the amount of air flow that enters the underfloor plenum. By reading static pressure sensor inputs, the PCU can monitor and regulate the very low static pressure required by typical underfloor plenums. The PCU can be wired to multiple Price RPN sensors or to third-party static pressure sensors. The outputs can operate Price DGD dampers or third-party dampers. The PCU features native BACnet connectivity and is, therefore, able to be networked to a BAS through easy plug-and-play connections.

  • BACnet network capabilities that allow the PCU to be networked to a BAS.
  • Output terminal blocks used to convey power and control signal to as many as 12 remote plenum dampers.
  • Up to three input terminal blocks used to
    accept static pressure sensor radings.
  • ETL certified with transformer, circuit
    board, terminal blocks, and all necessary
    hardware for trouble-free installation and
  • Field wired dampers allow for variable
    length wiring and flexible locations
    without adhering to strict cable length
  • 96 VA Class 2 transformer.
  • Available with thermostat input. for temperature-dependent pressure regulation (Room Sensor, Dial, LCD, LCD with Motion Sensor).
  • Constant pressure regulation or variable pressure regulation based on room temperature.
  • Plenum temperature monitoring.

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