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Price RFDD/ARFHD floor displacement diffusers are ideal for use where low induction, floor level flow is required. The diffuser slots discharge air in a displacement manner, horizontally across the floor where it is drawn to heat loads and transports heat and contaminants up to the return grilles in the ceiling, resulting in a stratified environment. This diffuser provides the same benefits as the RFTD family, but offers increased energy savings and improved indoor air quality due to the increased stratification.

These diffusers create a horizontal flow using narrow slots arranged in a star pattern with a perforated section in the center to resist induction of room air. This generates a low turbulence flow with low velocities to minimize draft when located near seated occupants. This low level discharge is ideal for supplying cool air across the floor of the room and allowing it to rise as the heat load from people and electrical equipment is absorbed. The 8" diameter diffusers can be placed within 24" of a seated occupant while maintaining a draft rate of less than 10% according to ASHRAE 55-2010.

  • Fire rated engineered polymer (RFDD meets NFPA90A requirements.
  • Patented Zip Clip® mounting ring for quick, easy and secure mounting.
  • Aluminum core and ring (ARFHD)
  • Optional variable air volume basket (DBV) for non-ducted VAV applications.
  • Core is ready for installation in steppedbore installation. Optional ring press fit and ring claw allow for insertion in through-bore floor tiles.
  • Complete range of accessory baskets, dampers, fasteners, etc.
  • Discharge air volume is adjustable at the diffuser face without removing diffuser from floor. Minimum air flow is adjustable from 0% to 50% of maximum air flow
  • Diffuser face has positive interlock, reducing potential for accidental adjustment of diffusers.
  • Interchangeable face with RFTD/ARFTD.
  • RFTD - Dusty Gray or Black
  • ARFTD - Aluminum

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