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The Price DBV is a variable volume basket that can be used with any of the Price 8" floor diffusers. The DBV allows for even distribution of supply air through the round floor diffuser core while integrating into a VAV cooling system. The black plastic basket prevents see-through to the building floor, and is also used to catch debris that falls through the diffuser face. The integral control damper modulates from fully open to fully closed automatically, driven from a 24 VAC actuator mounted underneath the basket. Modular RJ12 jacks mounted to the underside of the basket allow unit to easily tie into the Price underfloor control system with modular wiring. The unit is installed from the room side, slipping into the diffuser frame for easy installation.

  • Used with round floor diffusers.
  • Overall height allows for cable runs under unit in 12" floors.
  • Modulating damper for VAV cooling control.
  • 24 VAC floating point actuator and modular jacks for daisy chain signal control.
  • Plenum-rated C25 cable provided for simple connection to the Price underfloor system
This product is used with the C25 cable.
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