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RFTD/ARFTD Round Floor Turbulent Flow Diffusers

The Price RFTD / ARFTD twist floor diffusers, by Krantz, create a twist pattern by using radial slots in combination with an inclined discharge. This generates a vertical supply with very high induction due to the turbulent flow. This symmetrical discharge is ideal for mixing within the occupied zone and is available with a 30-degree discharge angle.

RFDD/ARFHD Round Floor Displacement Flow Diffusers

The Price RFDD Floor Displacement Diffuser is ideal for use where low induction, floor level flow is required. The diffuser slots discharge the air in a displacement manner, horizontally across the floor where it is drawn to heat loads and transports heat and contaminants up to the return grilles in the ceiling.

DBV Variable Volume Round Floor Basket

The Price DBV is a variable air volume basket designed for underfloor air distribution systems. Used in combination with the Round Floor Diffuser line, the DBV installs from the room side and features RJ12 jacks for daisy chain connection to the Price Underfloor System. Supplied with a 24 VAC direct drive actuator, the DBV is the perfect choice for VAV control of Round Floor Diffusers.

C25 Plug-and-Play Cable

The Price C25 cable is a plenum rated plug-and-play cable designed to interconnect underfloor dampers and underfloor controllers. The C25 cable can be used to connect Price dampers such as DBV, LFG, and RFB to each other via daisy chain configuration. The cable also connects each daisy chain to a Price controller.

RBC Round Basket with Collar

The Price RBC provides an economical and low profile alternative to larger RFB (round floor boot) products. The integrated 6” beaded duct collar allows for quick and easy installation of hard or flex ducting. This duct connection allows for pressurized supply air, or ducted return/exhaust. The low profile design allows the ducted RBC to remain functional in floor plenums of as little as 10" in height.

RPN Relative Pressure Node

The Price RPN provides a means for measuring the relative pressure between the pressurized underfloor plenum and the room. The RPN is designed to fit inside any style of mounting ring underneath any Price Round Floor diffuser. The advantage to the RPN is that it maintains a uniform look with other Price underfloor diffusers.

RFB Round Floor Boot

The Price RFB is a high performance floor boot designed for raised floor applications. Used with the Round Floor Diffuser line, the RFB incorporates a steel plenum to facilitate supply connections, debris collection and for advanced applications. Price RFB can be ordered in a variety of models to provide constant volume heating, constant volume heating with VAV cooling and VAV cooling only.

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