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Linear Radiant Panel RPL

The Price Linear Radiant Panel, RPL, is designed to employ radiant energy to heat and cool surfaces in a zone. The slim, low profile is designed for performance, ease of installation and low maintenance. As a result, it is easily integrated and suitable for both new and refurbished buildings.

The Price RPL is available with a trimmable panel option which allows the panels to be cut to length in the field. Panels are equipped with open ended straight lengths of copper on both ends. The trim option holds back the copper 6” [150mm] from either or both ends of the panel. Optional return bends and interconnections are shipped loose and are sweat fit in the field. The open trimmable option can also be used as a series connection option depending on where the loop and return options are used.

They are offered in imperial and metric sizes, different piping configurations, insulation size and type, different copper connections and a mitered corner option.

  • Integrated aluminum heat sinks for
    optimal heat transfer
  • Non-hardening thermal paste between
    tubing and heat sink
  • Choice of 5 face finishes: castellated,
    smooth, smooth perforated block (11%
    and 21% free area), smooth perforated
    continuous (11% free area)
  • Choice of sweat or NPT connections
  • Choice of pipe system: 2- or 4- pipe,
    inactive section, double saddle

  • Insulation (acoustical or foil backed insulation)
  • Mitered corners
  • Trimmable panel
  • Special custom color finishes
Construction / Finish
  • Heat Sinks – Extruded Aluminum
  • Piping – ASTM B75 Copper
    • 5/8” OD (1/2” nominal) copper tubes
  • Finish – Standard White (B19)
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