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RPL Linear Radiant Panel
RPL - Linear Radiant Panel

The Price linear radiant panel, RPL, is designed to employ radiant energy to heat and cool surfaces in a zone. The slim, low profile is designed for performance, ease of installation and low maintenance. As a result, it is easily integrated and suitable for both new and refurbished buildings.

RPLA Exposed Linear Radiant Panel
RPLA - Exposed Linear Radiant Panel

Price exposed linear radiant panels, RPLA, offer a flexible solution for providing heating or cooling to virtually any space. A variety of installation types, coupled with different end configurations and panel finishes provide a custom look to any application. They are architectural features that can provide style to any space.

RPLS Linear Light Shelf Radiant Panel
RPLS - Linear Light Shelf Radiant Panel

The Price light shelf radiant panel, RPLS, offers a unique combination of channeling natural daylight deeper into a building while maintaining a comfortable environment with radiant energy.


RPM Modular Radiant Panel
RPM - Modular Radiant Panel

The Price modular radiant panel, RPM, is designed to integrate into a standard or tegular suspended ceiling system and provide radiant heating and/or cooling to a zone.

RPM Modular Radiant Panel
RPMS - Modular Security Radiant Panel

The Price security radiant panel, RPMS, features a heavy duty construction version of the standard panel. The design of the security modular panel enables its use in psychiatric hospitals, police holding cells and other correction institutions.

Additional Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

1) Radiant Panels
2) Chilled Sails
3) Controls & Accessories
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