Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for Chilled Sails

Custom Solutions
Price has the knowledge and ability to build quality specialty chilled sails. We are able and willing to produce special products to meet our customers' unique requirements. The “specials” range from small dimensional changes to highly evolved panels that incorporate component integration (lights, sprinklers, etc.), special angles or curves, and non-standard finishes. Other specialized products include units that have grilles and slot diffusers built into the panel. Whatever the case, we invite your inquiry.

Please contact our Radiant Systems design team with your creative plans.

Custom Shapes, Sizes, and Design
The examples shown here represent a small amount of the shape and size customization that we have the ability to create. Price manufactures products that satisfy our customers' architectural needs and/or performance requirements. Many options are available to alter our standard chilled sail offering to make them unique to each application.

Custom Finishes
Price has a wealth of experience in custom finishes for radiant products. Chilled sails are directly within the occupied zone, therefore their finish is critical to them blending harmoniously with their surroundings. Custom colors can be applied to all units and anodizing is available for select products, all of which is intended to match individual customer requirements.
  Custom chilled sail combined with custom flow slot diffusers

Custom mitered chilled sails

Custom free-hanging cloud configuration
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