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Price Chilled Sails are designed to provide radiant and convective cooling and heating. Chilled sails allow air to pass through openings between their sails, thus increasing the capacity of the unit and providing an effective means of dealing with the sensible cooling load. In an exposed application, they are typically installed in interior spaces as a cloud ceiling, in a suspended ceiling or in a T-bar application with a standard white finish. They can also be installed along a wall in a surface mounted application. In a concealed application, they are typically hidden behind perforated panels (with a minimum of 40% free area) in the ceiling with a standard black finish. They can also be placed around utilities such as lights, sprinklers, air outlets, etc., to incorporate into any building design.

  • Architecturally appealing
  • Quiet operation
  • Higher capacity
  • Non-hardening thermal paste between
    tubing and extruded aluminum fin
  • Choice of sweat or NPT connections
  • Metric sizing
  • Special custom color finishes

Construction / Finish
  • All-metal assembly
  • Extruded aluminum fin
  • Piping – ASTM B75 Copper
    • 5/8” OD (1/2” nominal) copper tubes
  • Finish – standard white (B19) (exposed) standard black (concealed)
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